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This Christmas, track Santa’s movements with the Google powered Santa tracker app. The app is a super cool way to track the man with gifts and get him delivered yours on time!

Google has been doing this since 2004 but this time the app has come up with more interesting and unique features- from placing requests to playing with the old man and more!

The tech trick

The app is engineered from the house of the ace developers from Google Maps. Registered users will be able to follow Santa’s journey as he starts from the North Pole to reach out the innumerable houses before Christmas eve. However, the tracking won’t begin until 2 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Till then, Google has ensured it’s followers a happy ride along Santa’s village. Once you have made a registration, you can call or send a message to Santa requesting for a gift of your choice or just drop in a request to reach you fast! Users can also lift their Christmas spirit up by playing a game with the old man- Santa which is also a part of the app.

There is a Chrome version and an Android app to trace Santa’s movements easily and judiciously by all users.

Make sure you track Santa’s movements and place your requests to him on time, before he finally starts his journey for Christmas.

Enjoy Santa Tracker and Merry Christmas!