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Statistics say that more than 56 percent of people use social networking sites to network with friends and family. But for social networking sites like facebook, orkut or twitter wherever one goes, whoever you meet becomes a friend and acquaintance soon. This prevents many to live a virtual life with poise. However for people, who are distanced by borders from their families, desperately need a social networking pavilion to share views, news and pictures with each other. Understanding this pain and demand for a private family network, two young software fanatics Wesley Zhao and Ajay Mehta developed Familyleaf– a unique private family networking field.

Courtesy: Idyllic Software

Courtesy: Idyllic Software

Privacy matters

There were many others who felt developing a private family networking portal. But what sets FamilyLeaf apart is its share with an email facility. When one sends an email to his/her family network, with respect to any news, information or pictures, the app collects it and uploads the info on the network on your behalf.

We also admire the thought of localizing the website into regional languages. Within a very short time the website l

unched the application in Chinese, Hindi, Greek, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian, in addition to English. This we believe will open more doors and help the app to connect generations across the internet.

However from a Communications persona, I suggest the founders to introduce video calling service in the application. This will enable the family to connect in a better way whenever an emotional chord strikes each other.

Are you already connected to your family via the familyleaf network?


This Christmas, track Santa’s movements with the Google powered Santa tracker app. The app is a super cool way to track the man with gifts and get him delivered yours on time!

Google has been doing this since 2004 but this time the app has come up with more interesting and unique features- from placing requests to playing with the old man and more!

The tech trick

The app is engineered from the house of the ace developers from Google Maps. Registered users will be able to follow Santa’s journey as he starts from the North Pole to reach out the innumerable houses before Christmas eve. However, the tracking won’t begin until 2 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Till then, Google has ensured it’s followers a happy ride along Santa’s village. Once you have made a registration, you can call or send a message to Santa requesting for a gift of your choice or just drop in a request to reach you fast! Users can also lift their Christmas spirit up by playing a game with the old man- Santa which is also a part of the app.

There is a Chrome version and an Android app to trace Santa’s movements easily and judiciously by all users.

Make sure you track Santa’s movements and place your requests to him on time, before he finally starts his journey for Christmas.

Enjoy Santa Tracker and Merry Christmas!

Courtesy Hindustan Times

Courtesy Hindustan Times

An interesting IPhone application developed by a Hong Kong based entrepreneur and scientist Paul Ramscar, which believes can break the social stigma attached to gender and sex.

The application open doors to the lesbian and gay communities and allows them to openly pitch in their business needs, find prospective clients, network and get heard.

The social stigma

Gay and lesbian couples are looked after very obnoxiously in various societies and cross cultures. Few days back a business tycoon from Hong Kong offered to shell out $65 million to any man who can win over the heart of his lesbian daughter. This validated Ramscar’s knowledge and understanding of the cultural conservativeness of the country and many other places.

His ‘Pink Dollar’ application will help thousands of gay, lesbian and transgender people to connect with each other without social barriers. From restaurants that promote LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) culture to gyms and financial services, the app can connect you to more than a 100 enthusiastic partners and people.

Vote rightly

The users can rate the LGBT friendliness of the services in a scale from light to hot pink. Whoever gets a hot pink rating scores the highest, while one with light pink needs to answer a question from Ramscar himself to explain the reason for a bad review.

If survey reports are to be believed, it is seen that the same sex couples spend and enjoy life very lavishly as they have no responsibility of kids and associated commitments. Therefore , it is estimated that the “pink Dollar” app will benefit the $2-3 trillion LGBT market in a symbiotic way- doing good to the consumers as well as the businesses.

Version portability

The developers are looking forward to launch an android version of the app too, for all smartphone users. Lets all look forward to create a better world minus the gender discriminations.

Congratulations Pink Dollar!

Pic courtesy: Hindustan Times